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There might be number of entities and websites where Old Timer Automobiles can be purchased with quality, but this is probably the one and only website that delivers certified FIVA Old Timer Automobiles to the clients who understand art and style coming along with these unique historic automobiles.

We would like to emphasise the fact that our Old Timer Automobiles are either certified FIVA vehicles or prepared for the FIVA exam professionally. The cars of this category are going to pass the FIVA exam in order to earn the certification by FIVA prior we deliver them to their new master. It is not us who verify the quality of our cars. It is an international and independent association.

FIVA qualified automobiles are enjoying number of advantages:

  • The FIVA certification valid for ten (10) years,
  • the value can be increased significantly as a result of successfull FIVA qualification,
  • based on the current rules, the FIVA qualification should be renewed in10 years time,
  • the Hungarian authorities issues the Hungarian old timer (OT) qualification free of charge,
  • the period of roadworthy exam increased up to five (5) years.

The vehicles passed the FIVA exam successfully receives the qualification of muzeal piece, they become art treasure immediately. The value of certified automobiles always increasing for their entire life. They become only more and more expensive.

Please, do not forget!
In the meantime the value of certified automobiles continouosly increasing,
we can enjoy the ride all day long – as a gift!

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