Terms of Business

The service covers the following activities from the major countries (USA, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary):

  • Searching for the OT cars in various media (Internet, news papers, magazines and personal connection),
  • Informing the client about availability of OT car(s) by internet (email),
  • Travelling to the location with an expert to physically review the selected OT car(s),
  • Expert review of the condition of the OT car(s) prior purchase and recommendation to complete or discard the deal,
  • Bargaining for the best possible price,
  • Arranging the purchase and the documentation of the OT car(s),
  • Delivering the OT car(s) to garage on feet free of charge (application of trailer can be arranged with a fee of 1.5 - 2 EUR per km),
  • Storing the OT car(s) for 30 days in a garage free of charge (storage over 30 days can be arranged by a fee of 200 EUR per month),
  • Complete cleaning (inside and outside) of the OT car(s) before handling the car over to the owner (polishing the body can be arranged on a free basis by request),
  • Filing all relevant documents and handling it to the owner,
  • Arranging shipment and insurance to the client from Hungary with a fee of 1,500 – 5,000 EUR,
  • We provide assurance of the authentication of the automobiles by FIVA certification,
  • Old Timers Automobiles are sold without guarantee or warranty.

Additional services available at cost:

Services Cost in EUR (approx)
Background check of OT car (Checking criminal records internationally) 100 - 200
Hungarian OT exam (valid for 5 yrs) 100 - 120
FIVA exam – verification of authentication internationally (valid for 10 yrs) 200 - 400
Hungarian Road Worthy Exam with license plate 250 - 400

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