Immaculate condition

In this category Old timers do not present any discrepancies. The body, the engine, the wheels and the suspension system are in excellent condition. The new owner does not have to spend time and/or money to drive this car. Most of these cars are certified (FIVA) Old Timers or ready for Old Timer exam without any additional cost. The new owner has to turn the ignition key and drive away. Automobiles in this category should exhibit matching number status. We are concerned of this category exclusively. There are two subcategories in this group:

  • Automobiles in factory condition
    These cars exhibit the highest value for money. Each and every major part of these cars are identical with the originally parts built in these cars during the manufacturing procedures. There are no major parts of the car had to be changed so far and the condition is still immaculate. The value is even higher for those cars in this category that have a full history of repair and maintenance documented over 30 years (or more). Minor dents only verify the authentication of the automobile.
  • Automobiles after complete renovation
    These cars are also represent balanced value for money and parts are the same as factory parts, however, these cars went under a complete or partial renovation. The real value of these cars is equal to the quality of the renovation. The price can be justified by a documented renovation process (color pictures and narrative).

Minor discrepancies

The new owner does have to spend a little bit of time and/or money on the body, the interior, the engine or the suspension system before driving these cars. The discrepancies might encourage the new owner to agree on a better price. The value of the car can be significantly increased by quality repair services.

For renovation

Cars in this category represent excellent basis for a complete renovation. The new owner might purchase these cars with extremely low price, however, it takes significant time (normally a 8-12 months), financial resources and professional attention to come up with the right solution. The highest increase in terms of the value of the car can be achieved in this category.

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