Old Timer Purchase

Old Timer Automobiles are:

  • representing tribute and dedication for the tradition of automobile manufacturing,
  • coming up with incomparable design, look and sound that is not available today,
  • exhibiting rarity and uniqueness that provides extra value of the car,
  • built and last forever as this was the base ground of competition in the automobile industry until the 90`s,
  • attached with an ever increasing value that means the price of Old Timer are getting higher and higher year by year,
  • the owner cannot lose money due to Old Timers are rolling investments (while the value is increasing, we can enjoy the ride),
  • difficult to steel and sell in the black market due to the rarity issue,
  • saving money for the owner on discounted insurance package and tax exemption in Hungary,
  • not sold in any dealership system, only used ones available in the market,
  • coming with a given outfit and features (color, size, interior finish and engine …) that is difficult or not possible to change so the buyer need patience and time to find the right vehicle for lifetime,
  • suitable for everyday use and also for competitions organized particularly for Old Timer Automobiles,
  • mostly purchased by the high society and the strong middle class,
  • recommended to purchase in Switzerland, Germany, USA or Hungary,
  • in need of special care and attention with skilled experts, so servicing (repair and maintenance) Old Timer Automobiles developing the services industry as well,
  • not for racing, neither on race tracks nor on the streets in spite of their excellent conditions,
  • sold without guarantee or warranty.

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