The Team

János Brecsók, Technical Director

I guess, I am not the only one who has got fascinated by antique cars even in my early childhood. I started my carrier as motor mechanic – most probably - under the spell of old vehicles in 1973. Later, I studied and earned a commecial license in 1976. Giving up the status of an employee, I started my workshop in 1987 where we repaired cars as well. I was an excellent opportunity to extend my professional experience in this industry by working with all sort of difference vehicles. I started to be more focused on Old Timer Automobiles from the beginning of the new century. Finally, I bought my first Old Timer in 2005. It was Chevrolet Corvette C3 (O.B.D. = Old Blue Devil) form 1979 in pretty bad condition. The renovation of her took a whole year but we did it. The vehicle passed the FIVA exam in 9 April 2010. During the last decad, we restored the condition of seven (7) Corvettes and acquired additional experience with brands like Camaro, Pontiac, Porshce, Cadillac….

Norbi Brecsók, Workshop Manager

I graduated as an IT specialist after I completed my high school in 2006. I could not simply resist the temptation of Old Timer Automobiles. Soon, I find myself working in the workshop with my dad during the days and surfing the Internet over night to pick up info about antique cars.

Ádám Brecsók, Workshop Manager

I graduated as a catering manager after I completed my high school in 2008, however, seeing the work of my dad and brother, my carrier lead me to the family business, where I am active today.

Robi Kádár, Sales Director

Just loved the classic automobiles form my boyhood and cannot stop loving them today. Movies made me wonder of the style and the art of these cars. I kept dreaming one of them for so long ....I did pay respect to the enginers and the workers who were able to come up with such a solution lasts for decads. I started for searching an Old Timer Automobiles in 2006 and after two years of extensive search and study I found a Chevrolet Corvette C3 (Vetty) form 1978 in Switzerland in 2008. The automobile passed the FIVA exam in 2009 August successfully. I am a member of American Car Club of Hungary from 2008.

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