Physical Review

As a part of aour registration process, each and every automobile goes under an incpection before we accept them to add to our sales network free of charge. The Brecsok garage is responsible for this job. The form of Physical Review is filled and filed as a result. We perform this incpection regardless the automobile certified FIVA vehicle. We would like to make sure that we understand the same quality standards.

Advice on FIVA exam

Based on the result of Physical Review, the garage can advice the owner about the necessary maitanance to make the automobile certified FIVA vehicle free of charge too. The garage service is able to prepare the automobile for the FIVA exam for the owner. The budget will be discussed prior to the job starts. In case the automobile certified FIVA vehicle, we have solid evidence that the vehicle earned the title by FIVA.

Registration fee

In case the owner desided to sale his automobile through our sales network, the owner will be asked to settle a modest and single registration fee of 100 EUR. We provide the following services for this single fee:
1. Taking unlimited pictures of the automobile,
2. Select and add the best 25-50 picture to our website,
3. Draw the attention of our agents of the new comer and
4. Help administration of sales and shippment.


We take unlimited number of digital pictures of the automobile in various palces (urban and natural). We select the best 25-50 pictures. The pictures (all of them) will be handled to the owner by his or her request.

Entrance to the network & apperance in the website

The selected pictures added to website and the attantion of sales agents will be drawn to the new comer by emails and special marks on the website.

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